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How are you doing? This is Castop laboratory.
We appreciate your visit of here laboratory web site. This is the laboratory built on purpose of the invention of products and introduction of the new technology.

Castop CO LTD., has taken part in the development from design of all kinds of motor’s body and parts via this laboratory.
Based on this situation, we surely promise our laboratory will be the company laboratory with the world level.
Accumulated technology from creative invention under convenient environment has made the available extent of the credit and checking design quality wide with test activities via high technological equipment, attending the foreign institution conference, B/Marking of competitive products.
Shared intelligence via doing research project with exchange of the technology, industrial-educational cooperation, and domestic, external education as the device for the quality development of researcher is realized into the advanced technology steadily.
The direction of development of products is caused by accumulation of technology, and customer's satisfaction is realized by the suggestion of use of reserved technology and dispatch of Guest Engineer.